An HO scale model railroad layout based on a 1950's to 1980's era steel town


March 9, 2018

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This really isn't a blog entry on a modeling project, it's more of an update on the status of the layout and to clarify just what YEAR it is in the Republic of Trainworld.  When I first started the photo shoots on the outdoor layout, I picked the year 1952.  I picked the year because I've always adored the "feel" of America in the 50's, the cool cars, the carefree lifestyle, the "good years" of American industry.  I've tried my best to try and capture that "feel" with the Republic of Trainworld layout. 

The idea was to start the timeline in 1952, and continue it with each sequential year.  1952 was, in reality, 2014.  1953 was 2015, and 1954 was in 2016.  The problem is that in 2016, I only made one photo shoot due to health and scheduling issues.  With it being 2018 as I write this, one would think I should move two years ahead accordingly, making any photo shoots in 2018 the year 1956 on the layout.  The problem with that is I have a lot of material still situated from the early 1950's, and simply moving ahead in the timeline would hurt me by forcing me to buy newer vehicles and so on.  Besides,  I only performed one photo shoot in 2016.  Since nothing has really changed with great significance in that time (in terms of modeling, new models etc) that CAN'T be explained, I've made the decision to RESTART the 2018 year as if it was still 1954.  Any photo shoots in 2018 will be done so in the year 1954.

So, there you have it.  2018 will be set in 1954, almost as if it was a continuation of the only photo shoot in 2016.  (You can view it here)  This allows for a better utilization of my current assets within the timeframe and year I had intended.  When 2016 began, I had just undergone surgery and while recovering, was afforded the opportunity to put my model steel mill on public display.  I had a few short months to do it, so most of my free time was spent working on the steel mill to get it ready for that presentation.  In fact,  the only layout shoot in 2016 was taken the very day before I went into surgery, April 19th.  During my recovery, I spent most of my time building stuff for my model steel mill, not the city layout, although I did buy vehicles from time to time and figures.

2018.  Things have changed, or so said Bob Dylan - Duluth's native singer/songwriter.  I no longer work as a Zoo Cop.  No longer play steadily in a band.  And no longer work weird shifts at a hellish hospital.  Ginger and I own our own business, and I have Mondays off - which have come to be known as "Modeling Mondays".  Since Ginger is a teacher, and at work - I have all of Monday to model in the Escape Pod.  2018 has gotten off with a BANG and I've already accelerated construction on a lot of steel mill projects as spring approaches.  However, I plan to eventually switch to the city side of things and get some finer details done - so that theres a little more to look at in the photos.  

Advertising signs, post office boxes, plants, lightpoles, etc.  The little things will be added to the cityscape to make it more "realistic".  While the steel mill has gotten a lot of attention, the more subtle details of the city will add to realism in future photo shoots.

I'll continue to add a few more buildings to the city here and there.  I still have a few BIG projects on the drawing board, but we'll see if I get to them this season....the season of 1954.....again!

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