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Future projects for 2018

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FEBRUARY, 13 2018:   I wanted to start a bit of a journal to let everyone know whats been going on recently and to document what I'm shooting for in 2018.  

2016 and 2017 have been about the biggest lags in any development on the layout.  In both those years my fiance and myself have had medical issues that we've had to contend with and those, on top of other issues.  In 2016, the culmination of my modeling achievement so far was the steel mill exhibit. Even though the model wasn't finished for the exhibit, a deadline litteraly pushed me to get as much done as possible so that the exhibit was at least, presentable. 

It was the last real Trainworld modeling I've done. 

A few weeks later, I took a new job that limited my free time immensely. Suddenly, being able to model trains and things wasn't much of an option. For almost a year and a half, hardly anything got done in the Escape Pod model shed. I started one project, just because I wanted to.  It is, in part, a part of the Trainworld layout, but mostly a freelance modeling project - a scratchbuilt half battleship, half aircraft carrier.  Although half of the hull and superstructure is done, the aircraft carrier portion isn't laid down yet.  This vessel will indeed be a part of the Trainworld storyline, it's just not something I anticipated doing at this time.  I was hoping to focus more on the layout.

After two jobs since then, we've bought our own business.  I have Mondays off. This allows me time to get quite a bit of Trainworld done! Starting in 2018,  yesterday as a matter of fact,  I started working, or rather RE-WORKING, on the blast furnace stoves of my steel plant. These aren't just ordinary Walthers BF's, but are scratch built BF's based on the original 1915 BF at Duluth - a real bugger to model, but an important and key piece to get started on to show some progress on my layout. The city can still be somewhat stagnant and look OK, but not having my BF and stoves on my steel plant is like a giant hole in that particular layout.

The battleship actually has a story, and it's somewhat related to the steel plant, so I'd like to get those working on and somewhat along their way, as their stories will become key as the year starts off.

There are other things that I will eventually be working on as time goes by this spring.  The Escape Pod furnace has finally been lit (well, for modeling purposes, you gotta remember it's also my man cave - so sometimes I just chill out and watch movies and things in it, but haven't done much modeling til now) and you can expect to see some more things coming out of the modeling shed.  I'll address those in another post.

2018 is hoping to be a more productive year for the layout!


Work begins once again on the scratch built Duluth blast furnace stoves, Feb 12, 2018

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