An HO scale model railroad layout based on a 1950's to 1980's era steel town



Fictional location of the island nation of the Republic of Trainworld in Lake Superior

Map of the various cities and town on the Island. Click HERE to see a blown up version of the picture.


The The Republic of Trainworld is a fictitious island nation in Eastern Lake Superior, off the coast of the State of Michigan with its capital city of Trainworld City.  The layout itself is static, and NOT electrical as it is set OUTSIDE in Northern Minnesota. It has concrete roads and painted traffic lines. It has street signs and real adrresses. 

Trainworld City was built and designed as a 1950's to 1980's industrial steel town. The fictitious United States of Trainworld Steel Corporation, or USTS as it's known for short, runs the massive Trainworld City Steel Works, the city's largest employer - providing steel products to the nation of Trainworld. Several supporting companies make up the bulk of Trainworld City's industrial base such as the railroads, the mines and the smaller shops and companies in and around the city.

Much care and thought has gone into trying to recreate the feel of postwar America in the layout of Trainworld City, even though the layout is a fictitious country off the coast of America inside the Great Lakes. The cars and trains and buildings have all been carefully selected to represent the appropriate time period reflected in this doctrine.

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